What is trauma?

Trauma is what happens to the body when we feel that our emotional and physical well-being and survival is threatened.

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Symptoms of trauma

Hypervigilance, anxiety, restlessness, easily startled, nightmares, mood swings, difficulty sleeping, panic attacks, spaciness, difficulty in bonding, forgetfulness, chronic fatigue, auto-immune diseases.

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What is ITR?

Integrated trauma release is a psycho-physiological integration of modalities that include body awareness, nutritional readiness, point holding and renegotiation of the trauma event.

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How can ITR help?

Relaxed joyfulness is a natural state that is interrupted when our environment is threatened. We have an inherent need to feel joy. When our bodies release trauma it naturally relaxes and joy can be felt.

Self confidence & empowerment

returns when we no longer feel threatened by external forces beyond our control. We have a sense of safety and well being.

Develop resources that will last a lifetime

We have internal and external resources. ITR can help define and develop almost unlimited resources.

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